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Today I decided to release my blog and stretch the minds of others that may have an interest in this industry and give some background on what it takes to survive and grow as a human being in business. Yes, I said “human being “because if you allow yourself to ,you can become an “animal” in business. Animals in business are persons that will undercut and mismanage business to dominate the market with no regards for what we stand for as Florist/ Event Planners.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Brandi and I am a licensed Florist in New Orleans. I have been in business over 3 years. It has been a beautiful experience thus far simply because I was able to develop as a person and a black woman in business. I expressed “black” woman in business because one of the first things my clients say is , “we rarely see you guys around”, which amazes me . No, I’m not prejudice, however we’re under rated and over looked and sometimes identified as incompetent, and unreliable individulas. The difference Is we have lack resources, money and knowledge. But the master up above , GOD have allowed me opportunity to beat the odds. I’m a rarity, but I am here today to allow someone else to discover who they are so they can join me in greatness. “ The POWER is in the tongue, speak GREATNESS over your life even if you feel you’re at your lowest in life.

How I first began was by investing in myself, and recreating the recycle décor. Yes, recycle décor! It all have been seen or done before, we just think outside the box and rediscover/ recreate it somehow. I say that because I have done research in my business and have experienced that amazing detailed thought and googled it and someone like Preston Bailey , one of the originators of this business have already styled the scene. I had the awesome opportunity of meeting this creative, unselfish guy. I first discovered him looking on the pages of others that I was inspired by that had already mastered his talent by becoming a protégé at his studio in New York. Again, I researched and realized at that moment if it wasn’t for social media we would be out of the loop for awhile. Social media is very trending but we can talk about that later.

Preston Bailey class was one of the best investments I’ve ever made, because it allowed me to identify myself in business, network and become an amazing florist. He was very personable and no secrets were held. I won’t be a spoiler but I’ll give you a synopsis of my experience. We touched so many topics in three days and was able to setup for a real wedding in New York with Preston. Not only did we learn the mechanics of the floral business but we had morning sessions that were very informative to teach you how to conduct and identify your role in business. The most unforgettable famous question asked was , “ Are you an event planner or a florist”? You have to be able to separate the two and know your role, especially if you’re a one man show in the beginning stages. Understanding vendor relationships and how they could ruin your entire event or make it a success. How to protect yourself in business because people have the option to fight you in court for whatever they reason maybe including a failed responsibity on your part. Learning to say “ NO” using your discretion wisely and knowing what client’s are for you. Connecting with others through social media and how to remain relevant. All of these topics and more were discussed along with designing a breath taking wedding and meeting his entire team that assisted us throughout the sessions. Might I add some of his people been with him 20 plus years which says a lot about his character and professionalism. It was worth every dime to experience life with Preston Bailey for a few days .

Now it’s time to touch on my incredible experiences in business and how I discovered Brandi, the owner and Master Florist of Blucid Floral. I started in event planning and realized my peace was designing floral arrangements. It kept me focused on one thing and allowed me to create more ways to utilize my artistic skills. I love to create masterpieces! It also allows me to think outside the box with florals and be amazingly creative! Soon after being a part of Preston Bailey class I experienced my first lesson. I turned down a job before leaving, I was then approached with that same job again when I returned. The first thing I did was prayed and asked God to hold my hand and let his will be done. I then moved on the job and I just knew this would be my first major project, but it happened to be a major lesson. Keep in mind Preston expressed to us about contracts, lawsuits, and insurance.Here I am thinking Im moving forward on a 6-month wedding and guess what, the Bride decided to call her wedding off. Yes, I did have a contract but because I wouldn’t release refunds based off what I thought was a clear contract after discussing and signing , I was then served with a subpoena to appear in court. Although everything was dismissed I lost a friend, learned a lesson, and Thank’d God in the process for allowing me to experience the pain at the beginning of my journey. Again, I reflected on what Preston preached to us and got my business all the way in order.

What I learned that moment is your major break comes in God’s timing not your’s and what’s for you is for you, not anyone else. I was home and received a phone call from another friend that was working with one of the major event planners in my city and then I began to meet with them. Not to discredit work I’ve done before that but I was finally able to create pieces I hadn’t done before. I learned a lot and what I found quite ironic was, I initially was supposed to work with another florist at the Bride request for both but different projects, but because that florist didn’t agree I was able to take on the entire job ,and make my debut lol! That florist opt out was my time to shine. I created my gazebo orchid swags, cake pave , submerge and short floral centerpieces with my crew. I also learned things from the experienced planners and I appreciate them assisting me with what they called ,perfection. It’s a must to tune into teachable moments especially with those that have been in business for quite sometime. A person must be able to share and create friendorships with like minded people because you can grow together in business. My ears are always open and I’m very observant. Everyday I’m a student.

Another teachable moment I’ve experienced is when I decided to step back into event planning and it was a failed project. I trusted a vendor and because of unfortunate circumstances the job didn’t go as planned. I had to take responsibility for it. Preston taught us to be prepared for things to go wrong. It’s a must to have a PLAN A, B, C, & D! I lost a great client financially but I also realized the amount of stress it caused after I received the job that person wasn’t the client for me and reminded me why I decided to stick to one thing and that’s being a florist. I also learned how to say ,”NO” at that very moment although Preston explained to us about the word, “NO”! A person can teach and preach but it’s not until you experience it yourself you fully understand. It’s okay to stick with your gut feeling and pass that job right along. Refer another great vendor.

I never knew floral would allow me so much opportunity. I am grateful! I went from paying for an ad in magazines to showing up because the favor of God is favorable.I was acknowledged for my work in a few Bridal issues. I have been apart of NOMA Museum, which I created an amazing sculpture and used what I learned as a protégé to sew flowers to create a musical accent to add to my sculpture. I recently created a masterpiece at Essence Music Festival that I am so proud of.

Thanks to my best bud Suzy, I walked into her floral shop and we became floral friends. I’ll tell you guys that amazing story on my next blog. She opened me up to the floral opportunities and hidden secrets in the floral industry here in my city. She’s been around 10 plus years. I’m thankful for people like her. Florist here are often classified as mean and intimidated by other florist. I found that to be true. It’s even more difficult because I’m young. But again, I’ll share that later.

I decided to take a leap of faith and resign from my job and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I can freely focus on the importance of my business, see the manifestation, and growth. Im growing and going. I am spiritually connected to Blucid Floral I don’t decide without seeking God first. Stay tuned for my blog on “Resigning “ and how it changed me as a person, mother and a business woman.

My Motto: “ Under Promise Over Deliver and TRUST GOD”

I hope you guys enjoyed my first Blog release and return for my next one. Please leave any feedback or ideas I’m open to all positive and constructive criticism. Thanks for being apart of something so amazing!!Stay Tuned….

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